Isolation, Silent, Auction

'Catania Fishmarket' 40x30 cm Mixed Media €650

Well here we are , in the middle of this isolation and looking like a minimum of three more weeks, some of you know already I am having a silent Auction everyday with 1 to 4 pieces on instagram ( Chimeramullingar) its been going great guns and I have not reneged on any piece that had a bid on it. So I have popped into gallery today, to pull out a few more juicy bits and bobs and lets see how we go this week. We may up the ante next week and see if Gallery artists want to give it whirl.

Keep SAFE, do not take anything for granted and listen to yourself , not TO the conspiracy theorists.. The experts are still unsure of the volatility of this bad boy ( I say boy cos a girl would draw the pain out longer ha ha ha ) so listen to your gut and keep up the Isolation for a little while longer.

We will come back stronger and more kinder, we will have a massive exhibition in July to make up for the lockdown and we will prevail.

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