The Chimera Gallery


How does one describe Glenn’s work? His all one color works are either stifling, hemming in an escaping joy, or they hint at freedom possibly just around the corner. He paints scenes and landscapes too. The scenes are concentrated in the asylums and stark rooms, kept just so for special and  the different people we all encounter or at times resemble. Sometimes, he places his scenes in the menacing city of shadows, a brightly clothed lady on a darkened street of poles or the hope of a yellow sky tamped down amongst the black shivering town.

Brady’s landscapes mostly present a road, small and spindly, broad and long or down a winding path splitting the paint with the lure of a better place or the promise of more color and light. Looking at them over time, though, it sometimes becomes clear that no matter how pretty the hues or alluring the views, the road is meant as the one last escape from that which is just off the plane. There are towns of squat shelters, too, in Brady’s painted world and cities with big buildings lining a skyline of shooting stars, bright street lights and no people. Colorful vistas of life but no signs of life.

Glenns work will bring you on a journey that initially might seem pessimistic but there seems to be light and hope in all the pieces, you just have to find it.

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