David Maloney

Last year young gentlemen popped into the gallery. He had with him his work. Most gallery owners will tell you it’s a pain in the a*** when artists pop in. They tell you they are the next best thing. Most are poor and the rest, even worse.However, every now and then ya see something in one. That’s exactly what happened […]
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Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddddd we are opening again..phew, so Monday the 15th is opening date for Days Bazaar Cafè and we will follow suite for the duration of June.. Then, Gallery opening times will change.. details to follow but let’s just celebrate the fact we are nearly through the worst of it and breath in the visual spectacle that is the Chimera gallery..
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Do you want your portrait painted??

4 hour painting by Conor
We are delighted to announce that Conor Walton in conjunction with the Chimera, will be painting 30 portraits. The painting will take 4 hours , you will come to the Gallery , either a morning or evening and will sit for the duration, you will of course have a break , its very much in the same format as ” […]
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“It’s gotten serious amigo’s”

So we know where we are now and there is a clear message ‘ Social distancing” we have to be clever here my friends and help those around us, the Gallery will continue to operate ( as much as it can ) online , instagram , email, messenger and WhatsApp.. but we are opening for about 4 -6 hours a […]
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