The Chimera Gallery


For as long as he can remember, Colin Taylor has been fascinated by ‘landscape’. Why it looks the way it does, how it is managed, used and abused and in the context of his arts practice; how landscape has been used to represent personal experience within a single visual image.

After graduating from Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham in the mid-eighties he re-located to Manchester, got a job with The Guardian Media Group and then switched to the ‘dark side’, working for an advertising agency specialising in regional economic development and destination marketing. Following a ‘road to Damascus’ moment in a Lake District cafe in the early 90’s, he set up a business in the outdoor leisure industry which still operates today. His experience of landscape was not just that of a painter, but a composite of climber, small business owner, regional policy maker and tourist.
Landscape, in the widest sense of the word, continues to underpin his work and is informed by … ‘a collective philosophical, physiological, technological, environmental and economic terrain that shifted ground massively through the C20 and which is now unrecognisable from when Cezanne first suggested that emotion or sensation might have a role to play in creative output’.
He has had solo exhibitions in Cologne, New York and Washington DC and most recently, has just completed a very successful one man show of ‘Cityscapes’ in Manchester. Later in 2015 he has an exhibition in Paris.

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