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A TASTE OF OUR Collection

Jennifer Balkan

Paolo Borile

Jonathan Dickson

Karl James

Tom McLean

Cormac O’Leary

Michael Wann

Barro Amsterdam

Glenn Brady

James Fraser

Neal Greig ARUA

Gary kearney


Kevin Mcnamara

Dave West

Kyle Barnes

Sylvia Parkinson

Stuart Luke Gatherer

Mike Hamblin

Geoffrey key

Connor Maguire

Noel Murphy

Colin Taylor

Lorcan Vallely

Kate Beagan

Pierre Soufflet

Michael Gemmell

Eamonn Higgins

Jose Martinez

Lesley Oldaker

Conor Walton

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As we all know the art world is ever changing, with social media platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin , pinterest etc the Brick and mortar platform , so to speak has to learn to deal with these trends and here in the Chimera , we have…

Set lose dear

Its important to be cognitive of the buying public, your demographic, since our inception we have allowed younger people to use the Gallery as a mini social hub, with soft furnishings and a hot chocolate they were subliminally drawn into the art world, these young people are now thinking of their first purchases and we are here to help them on their quest.

Street and Urban art is once again moving its way forward to the top of the queue and not to far behind are the print makers.. watch this space, we have some world beaters joining very soon.

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Award winning artist Dave West will be a constant feature in the collection with an exceptional turn around rate.. important to pop into the Gallery at least Bi-weekly to see his work as it moves to a new home rather quickly.

Stuart Luke Gatherer

Jonathan Dickson with his outstanding City Scapes.

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