The Chimera Gallery is one of the biggest Art Gallery in the Ireland. The Gallery is now in its fifth year, we have gone from strength to strength on a natural course, new collaborations with New York will bring the Gallery into a new realm. The journey has begun. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram . Learn about us More ! there are many galleries in the world but chimera gallery is the most famous gallery just because of it awesome art and paintings. it makes gallery differ, amazing and  competitive because of its good management and showcase.

The Chimera Gallery

The Art Gallery of the Midlands for Ireland

So here we are , at long last Conor Waltons Painting for his upcoming show .. It was always going to be a ‘ skin of your teeth ‘ affair and maybe we are not out of the woods yet but Saturday the 4th is still the date. We have put a number of the pictures on offer on the site , so peruse and if there is something you like, drop me a line.

The instagram auction was a great success and most importantly , a bit of fun, so now lets push it further, lets up the ante, pop into ‘chimeragallery’  on instagram and join the fun.The new buying format was to be  introduced in February but ya know the craic,, it will still be based  on the same platform , more or less, as ‘OWN ART’ but Chimera style… keep watching.


The changes the Gallery were taken at this stage, are now on hold, I will be introducing a new type of buying experience , the details will follow by mid summer… you , my friends and clients, will be involved, your input will be invaluable.. Im taking the Chimera on the road….boooom.

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New works by Eamonn Higgins , sculptor, artist and blacksmith now on show in the Gallery.. big bull in the window.Kate Beagan’s three new pieces are now two and maybe one soon, also in the window.

Featured Collection

Painting of a bag of plums by artist Conor Walton

Painting bread by artist Conor Walton



Painting of a pumpkin by artist Conor Walton

still life painting of a glass of wine by Conor Walton


A painting of three peppers in plastic packaging by Conor Walton

More Featured Collection

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Jennifer Balkan

Barro Amsterdam

Kyle Barnes

Kate Beagan

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