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July 31st-Aug 7th

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The Chimera Gallery is now in its seventh year, we have gone from strength to strength on a natural course, new collaborations with New York will bring the Gallery into a new realm. The journey has begun. With new artists joining us this year, we look forward to hopefully bringing you 3 exhibitions this year.

"It will keep" 43cm X 15cm x 15cm Bronze €1200

Sylvia Parkinson

Sylvia's Collection

Pierre Soufflet

Pierre's Collection

Jonathan Dickson

Jonathan's Collection

Stuart Luke Gatherer

Stuart's Collection

Michael Gemmell

Michael's Collection

Neal Greig ARUA

Neal's Collection

Mike Hamblin

Mike's Collection

Eamonn Higgins

Eamonn's Collection

Kevin Mcnamara

Kevin's Collection

new artist here soon

Multi award winner

we are very excited

hopefully unveiling in June
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