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POLISH  ARTISTKatarzyna Gajewska


Katarzyna Gajewska born in Warsaw, Poland in 1978, graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts as a Master of Fine Arts in March 2005 and was awarded a Ministry of Culture Scholarship. The recipient of numerous residencies at Cill Rialaig, Co Kerry, her solo and group shows around the country are always very successful. The fact that she uses her hands gives the paintings an amazingly powerful primitive feel. Gajewska’s much sought after work is the focus of national media acclaim.

“I don’t use any tools besides my hands – to be closer. I could say that my art is a first hand emotion – and that’s why I am painting only with my hands. It allows me to make close ups much deeper than they really are. I love using extreme zooming in – in life and in my paintings.

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