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….I was very lucky. I grew up in a house that was full of paintings and artists. I was always drawing as a child, and just continued doing it.

Cormac O’Leary was born in Cork in 1969. His father, John, was a distinguished painter and a charismatic teacher. Cormac cites his father as a major influence on his work and, in his own words…

Cormac graduated from Sligo Institute of Technology in 1991 having been awarded a Diploma in Fine Art. Today, his work adorns many walls in private collections and public spaces, including the Royal Hospital in Donnybrook, UniCredito Italiano at the IFSC and a variety of local and national government operations.

Cormac O’Leary was born in Cork city, Ireland in 1969. Having completed his art studies in Co. Sligo, Cormac O’Leary moved to Barcelona, Spain. While there he regularly visited the Picasso Art Museum, the Joan Miro Foundation, The Antoni Tapies Foundation and the famous Gaudi buildings. On returning to Ireland Cormac joined other local artists and set up group art studios. Cormac began to exhibit his paintings locally and nationally, and also published art reviews and illustrations in various outlets, including Arts West magazine, Circa, and the Sculpture Society of Ireland newsletter.

Cormac O’Leary has won several awards for his contemporary paintings and has exhibited regularly in London and America. Today Cormac is represented in many national and international art collections.

Cormac O’Leary is an artist who produces paintings mainly in oils and acrylics. He is much influenced by his immediate environment, by the dramatic Irish landscape, but also by figurative and abstract images

Cormac had a very successful showing at the Edinbiurgh art fair ’16 , we are also looking forward to Cormac’s second exhibition in the Gallery in 2018.

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