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DUTCH ARTISTBarro Amsterdam

Barro Donker ( was born May 1964 in Amsterdam, is now living in Amsterdam and Bangkok. “The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy”- Friedrich Nietzsche A confused- and curious mind has it’s confused- and curious life. I have always been interested in philosophy and psychology. Learning is about making mistakes and analyzing failures of thoughts and actions made by myself and others. One can only know themselves through others. By free will, forced by doing the wrong things and making bad decisions, I have been “privileged” to live in many different societies.

At the end, for me, it’s interesting to see through all the same patterns and phenomena of human behavior in all societies. This is the reason that two decades ago I extended my interests into art and Buddhism. And eight years ago a took it to the next level by distance myself even further from Western society. Experiencing and therefore knowing that “The best weapon against my enemy drugs is my other enemy; Art”. Seeking to draw up a code of conduct which would define what it means to be a true follower of my thoughts. Always searching to find a way, or just no way, within multiple choices of rational- and emotional decisions, based on comparison and duality. Because everything is related to everything.

Knowing that every action has it’s reaction, founded on knowledge, experience and perception. This creates a personal truth and someone’s own reality. Therefore I interpret truth as fake. The absolute- or real truth is something else. It’s a pathless land, and cannot be approached by any way whatsoever. Not by any religion, any philosophy, any political system, any culture, any emotion, nor by any law of aesthetics etc. We are so honoured to be representing Barro here in Ireland and looking forward to a solo show in 2021.

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