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Eamonn Higgins

Delighted to share with you that Eamonn has sent down 4 brand new pieces , 2 large Bulls , one in Bronze, a small Bulls head and an Angel walking..
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August 1st.. Tom Mclean exhibition.. booooom

We are delighted to have our first exhibition since the beginning of time 😉 its 2 months off and maybe the situation will have eased by then and normality will have returned, We will have gloves and sanitiser available but we are very focused in letting you, the patrons, do whats right for you. Disposable glasses will be available and […]
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Isolation, Silent, Auction

'Catania Fishmarket' 40x30 cm Mixed Media €650
Well here we are , in the middle of this isolation and looking like a minimum of three more weeks, some of you know already I am having a silent Auction everyday with 1 to 4 pieces on instagram ( Chimeramullingar) its been going great guns and I have not reneged on any piece that had a bid on it. […]
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Bricks and Mortar V’s Online

Bricks and Mortar V’s Online As we progress in the art world, social media has had a massively positive effect in bringing art to the masses. Initially I as a gallery owner welcomed this as it provided me with a ‘World‘ of talent….but as Artsy, Saatchi, Etsy, First Dibs and many more online art sales platforms established a footing in […]
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