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Thank you for your patience and of course your input and messages of support for this new format, we strive to make it as accessible and easy to navigate as possible so do not hesitate to send me a message at anytime if you see a problem or even if you think something may add to the Chimera Website.

Suiban’s exhibition is proving a hit with the younger generation, interesting to hear their feedback on  the pieces, good sales so far and a number of smaller pieces for the starter are available and of course ideal. Show will run into Christmas show so plenty of time to visit when the weather picks up, no n to spring, later on in the week.

Massive changes coming in the new year, Gallery taking a completely new direction to meet with the demands of the contemporary and seasoned collector.. hard decisions not necessarily bad ones.

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Looking forward to Suiban Regan’s first sculpture show with the Chimera In November.

Featured Collection

This months collection comprises of Exhibition works by Suiban Regan , new paintings by the formidable Ross Watson new metal  Damian Scultures by Damian Panusz ( do not blink they don’t stay long)introducing two new artists in Nick Lighten and Lisa House.

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Barro Amsterdam

Kyle Barnes

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