The €500 Exhibition
The art world is ever changing and with the fear surrounding the “Pandemic” more and more people are browsing online , doing their research before pulling the trigger, it also seems we have a new wave of collectors. The Artist Support pledge introduced them to the concept of buying are at €200,$200 etc…soooooo , the Chimera is gonna jump on this art wagon and introduce the ‘€500 exhibition”.

The €500 exhibition will as the title suggests , show works by named , upcoming and underground artists that have a price tag of €500 and UNDER.. This is an ideal opportunity to start your collection at a price that will not cause minor heart arrhythmia.. so keep your eyes open and grab a masterpiece for the price of a 3* Hotel in… well, anywhere.

November 21 @ 12:00 — December 12 @ 13:00
12:00 — 13:00 (505h)

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