Do you want your portrait painted??

4 hour painting by Conor

We are delighted to announce that Conor Walton in conjunction with the Chimera, will be painting 30 portraits. The painting will take 4 hours , you will come to the Gallery , either a morning or evening and will sit for the duration, you will of course have a break , its very much in the same format as ” Sky’s portrait artist of the year” except you’re much more precious than those Celebs.. so if you, or any member of your family wish to avail of this contact me on whatsapp, messenger or an email.. now the Admin, price is…wait for it… €350 .. yes its a cracking price, to book your spot , you will have to give me a deposit of €50 and your placed is booked… first come first serve, I will update you on the numbers as they come in.. Above is a painting Conor did of me 4 years ago… thats the standard ..


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