Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddddd we are opening again..phew, so Monday the 15th is opening date for Days Bazaar Cafè and we will follow suite for the duration of June.. Then, Gallery opening times will change.. details to follow but let’s just celebrate the fact we are nearly through the worst of it and breath in the visual spectacle that is the Chimera gallery..
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Do you want your portrait painted??

4 hour painting by Conor
We are delighted to announce that Conor Walton in conjunction with the Chimera, will be painting 30 portraits. The painting will take 4 hours , you will come to the Gallery , either a morning or evening and will sit for the duration, you will of course have a break , its very much in the same format as ” […]
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Contacting the Gallery

'Tamed Beast' 80x80 cm, Oil on Aluminium €5600
Yesterday I received a WhatsApp message from the States, a client was confirming that I received his email enquiry. I went to my inbox and no sign, of course I went into spam then and low and behold there it was tucked in between Prince Bahmdoo Smith with 20 mill for me and Carla , who we will just say […]
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Eamonn Higgins

Delighted to share with you that Eamonn has sent down 4 brand new pieces , 2 large Bulls , one in Bronze, a small Bulls head and an Angel walking..
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August 1st.. Tom Mclean exhibition.. booooom

We are delighted to have our first exhibition since the beginning of time 😉 its 2 months off and maybe the situation will have eased by then and normality will have returned, We will have gloves and sanitiser available but we are very focused in letting you, the patrons, do whats right for you. Disposable glasses will be available and […]
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Isolation, Silent, Auction

'Catania Fishmarket' 40x30 cm Mixed Media €650
Well here we are , in the middle of this isolation and looking like a minimum of three more weeks, some of you know already I am having a silent Auction everyday with 1 to 4 pieces on instagram ( Chimeramullingar) its been going great guns and I have not reneged on any piece that had a bid on it. […]
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“It’s gotten serious amigo’s”

So we know where we are now and there is a clear message ‘ Social distancing” we have to be clever here my friends and help those around us, the Gallery will continue to operate ( as much as it can ) online , instagram , email, messenger and WhatsApp.. but we are opening for about 4 -6 hours a […]
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Weird Times

Well we are in unprecedented times and decisions have to be made for the safety of the vulnerable, the cafe is closing at 1400hrs everyday next week as a precaution , so sadly as the gallery is upstairs we will follow suit, Exhibitions are postponed until May at the moment but subject to change, I will of course open the […]
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