Great day with Conor

The first of the portraits took place yesterday, our youngest sitter at 11 years old , Clare Kelly was fab, took to it like a duck to water.. Looking forward to the next sitters going forward, its looking like this maybe an ongoing process and part of the gallery going forward.. below are some photos of the day. If you […]
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Mike Hamblin

It has been a while since we managed to squeeze a piece out of Mike but we did. We have has an exceptional relationship with Mike but the Atlantic Ocean separates us. We will get him back home again. Here is the new piece, pride of place in the window of Gallery.
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David Maloney

Last year young gentlemen popped into the gallery. He had with him his work. Most gallery owners will tell you it’s a pain in the a*** when artists pop in. They tell you they are the next best thing. Most are poor and the rest, even worse.However, every now and then ya see something in one. That’s exactly what happened […]
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Instagram Fuuuun!!!!!

They are back, instagram auctions, this time round we are throwing in some gems, I implore you to do your homework as one or two are way more valuable than the reserve, this is a major clear out of my earlier pieces, when I was starting out on this incredible journey. You will see all sorts , etchings, oils, watercolours […]
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Confirmation.. Exhibition is finalised.

Tom McLeans exhibition is now confirmed for the 5th… Happy days.. Masking up is personal choice and at this stage you all know about space, we will have downstairs seating if one thinks its too busy.. Hand sanitiser will be available.. We will have wine but we are skipping the finger food for the time being, we may bring it […]
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Up in The air

Well times are getting stranger, new restrictions this week and we have an exhibition around the corner ( Sept 5th) at this stage we are going ahead but will confirm next week , just in case restrictions ease.. Of course if you can get yourself a Golf Club, I will accept it at the door ha ha ha .. I […]
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