Bricks and Mortar V’s Online

Bricks and Mortar V’s Online As we progress in the art world, social media has had a massively positive effect in bringing art to the masses. Initially I as a gallery owner welcomed this as it provided me with a ‘World‘ of talent….but as Artsy, Saatchi, Etsy, First Dibs and many more online art sales platforms established a footing in online sales, I notice a lot more artists deciding to go it alone and be both the Artist and the Agent ( for want of a better word) and using these platforms as their ‘Virtual Gallery’ initially a few sales ensued and the price point increased these sales not only slowed down but in some cases grinder to an unfortunate halt, for most.After much research ( 5 years or so ) I can now see this has had a negative effect on artist’s credibility and what I call ” True Clients’ ( these are clients that want to see the work in the flesh before purchasing) have decided that purchases of art over a certain amount will only be spent in a Gallery. I of course now welcome this… well , ya can’t have it both ways.

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