Born in Kildare in 1969, Sean Cotter is former student of the National College of Art and Design and is a multiple award winning artist.

Sean’s work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Ireland and throughout Europe in prestigious venues including The Hallward Gallery Dublin, The Droichead Arts Centre, Drogheda, Gormleys Fine Art gallery in Belfast, The Kirkwood Gallery in Norway, The Northcote Gallery London, The Heritage Park Gallery Scotland and the Lapua Cultural Centre in Finland – to name but a few.

“Landscape works as a metaphor for life and its dramas, whether in turmoil or at peace. Wide open spaces can be shut down by a few well placed lines and so emulate the constraints of the modern world or a persons desire to contain and control their own immediate emotional environment. Blurred boundaries between areas of light and dark recall the sometimes difficult choices that are neither right nor wrong. While history, whether the viewers or the images, impacts on every work it is its own aesthetic that carries it off in the end and it is the exploration of my medium that keeps me behind my studio door.”

Seán Cotter

Cotter’s paintings are presented through a variety of mediums from oil on canvas to charcoal on paper, enabling him to succinctly express the mood of each piece, whether that is tranquillity or turmoil.

Sean’s work is included in public and private collections in England, Ireland, Scotland, France and the USA.