Sorin Dumitrescu

Sorin Dumitrescu Mihaesti is a Romanian painter and a MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATION OF ROMANIAN FINE ARTISTS. Born on the 16.03.1961.

STATEMENT My art bears no epic motifs insofar as all ontological displays of instances are mere illusions in my opinion. Only the settlements by their oracular purpose and the core embodiments of objects and human beings entail abysmal movements and life. So much the better figuratively assuming that from these embodiments a jester emerges who performs or clumsily juggles with a spoon! However, this overrides the painter’s intent. This occured likewise in regards to the portraits that I have lately been painting. They come solely from within. I paint revelations and neither of them resembles another. Therefore, I have finally redeemed myself from the obsession of collapsing into Mannerism. Apart from this, what abides is the joy that I have released myself from the genetic message.

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