Paul Roy

Born Dublin, Ireland 1967.Paul is a visual artist, musician and writer. “I paint what I feel is tangible, from sources based within the world around me” Examining the emotional states and responses of subject and viewer. As with his painting, he also desires to elicit emotions from the listener when he creates music. In this his work often overlaps, drawing from similar and/or related sources, and he feels that they are two threads of the same body of work, ultimately interwoven.Primarily he paints in acrylics for their immediacy, their quick drying properties and ease of use, he does not examine or consider the process of creating art, he is solely interested in the resulting work and its impact.”With my music, I create it without rigourous reference to the constraints of musical form, using all imstrumentation, voice and found sound as a means to an overall piece rather than a strict musical form, rather an evocation of of the emotional core of the subject.As I expand my body of work I intend to exhibit and perform as regularily as possible, generally with the music and visual artworks in harmony”

Pauls new works have arrived in the Gallery and his recent joint exhibition in the Luan Gallery was a major success

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