Khara Oxier

Khara Oxier is a painter with focus on exploring life through the process of painting; inspired by politics, culture studies, social constructs, war, separation, homemaking, medical conditions, surgery, bones, concussions, “psychosis”, the unknown, and music.

As a untrained artist, Khara started painting later in life, beginning in 2010. Khara has paintings worldwide, in private collections in Guatemala, Denmark, Italy, Mexico, Germany, France, Switzerland, Canada,Ireland and the U.S.

The Chimera Gallery will represent Khara here in Ireland and in future art fairs in Britain and Europe, her style is appealing across the collectors spectrum and has already made a huge impact home and abroad.

What would you do if a monster turned out the lights and they never came back on? The Boise Co-Op art gallery says its a place for people to gather, eat food, talk and look at art. The Co-Opasked Khara Oxier to exhibit but a week later asked her to remove her work. I think they asked her to remove the woks because they are the new deciders of tasteful environments. I can only hope the monster turns out their lights soon and keeps that way. My Opinion, my words.

This statement is what Khara is all about, breaking rules, disturbing the ” art status quo” bring art back to where it began in the caves of France and Spain. A brave new artist, an artist who will have a following , a journey we want to travel on, with her.

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