Jonathan Aiken

Jonathan Aiken was born in Lisburn in 1965. He was educated at the Methodist College, Belfast and received formal training in architecture and design at Queen’s University.

His style is influenced by the work of Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement. His unique pieces have an original style, which are characterised by both skill and concept. He creates narratives with reference to popular culture, visually interpreting some of our most identifiable icons. Whether depicting a seemingly mundane object, or the glamour of celebrity, the fusion of striking colour with intriguing texture is symbolic of Jonathan’s work.

“I work on different materials in sequences of layers of colour and texture. Using a paintbrush, pallet knife or paint rags, I push the paint, form an edge and sometimes scratch it off, reworking back to the surface and reapplying the paint. However my paintings are not simply about the physical laying of paint. They start with the preparation of the idea. I look for the meaning behind it and the different levels it can operate on. My work is based on icons or images that we all relate to. I record what I feel is meaningful, looking back; I look for relevant references that have remained in our consciousness.”

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