Marion Tubiana

Marion Tubiana is an Animal Painter, Pastelliste & Photographer

Born in 1990, Marion Tubiana manifests from the age of 3 a marked taste for drawing and graphic arts, as well as for animals to which she dedicates a real passion.

She started horseback  riding when she was 5 years old and hasn’t stopped since, starting competition in her teenage years. She possesses permanently about ten animals, cats, dogs, horses, …

Self-taught, she works at the feeling and without technical. Its aim is to give a soul to his paintings, look for her is something very important and the center of his paintings because he does not lie and it is through him that emotions emerge.
For her, the details, but also the work of light, are also essential so that the tables can take all their dimensions and deliver their messages.

His accomplishments are like photos, but well beyond, exceed, generating a feeling that the picture can not evokeHis paintings have a soul, hers at the end of the brush.

Marion spends his time looking for transmitting through the eyes of his animals or the lighting of its models, the most intense emotion.

The Gallery is delighted to be representing this world standard artist.

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